"The Lovely Bones" Review-ish? Spoilers Ahead!

   Last night I saw an advanced screening of "The Lovely Bones."  This is the newest film from Peter Jackson based on the book by Alice Sebold. It was a beautifully shot film with moments feeling more like an acid trip than a movie.  The characters were gripping and engaging and the "Murderer" was just the right level of creepy.  However, the ending was rather disappointing.
 The set up for the ending is all the little girl victims of the murderer gathering under a tree with Susie.  This visual display of their innocence makes you think of the tragic loss of life that this evil man is responsible for. The scene right after is when the man is about to dump Susie's body and she returns to do "one last thing."  The set up is that she will reveal to all around him that her body is in there, thereby catching the killer; instead, she comes back for a kiss and he gets away only to die many years later.  I thought it was incredibly selfish - think of all the little girls that he managed to kill in the interim because she came back to be kissed instead of to do some justice.   This ending is dissappointing especially because of the previous scene mentioned with the little girls that makes you cry for all those lives lost.

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