Shooting on the Street

Yesterday I had the great opportunity to shoot a creative with a fabulous up and coming photographer, Stacey Kinkaid.  Stacey is an up and coming photographer who's just starting off her own business.  She's great fun, and puts you right at ease.  So, if you're camera shy she'll get you laughing and comfortable - and then you'll look great.  More than that, she has a real eye and can direct you and the scenery around you to capture a really interesting image - definitely not your Sears Photography! I especially like the off kilter things that she does.  They're edgy and indie but not so out there that only a true Photo aficionado would appreciate it.  I especially love what she does with the colors in post and the way she plays with light. You need to check out her website -  There's some killer photos there and it'll give you a more in depth introduction to her work.  But for now, check out our photo shoot below. 

It was a family affair as Andrew, my husband, and Drake (my dog) joined in on the fun.  We started off the day determining to drive to Cherry Beach, but on the way Stacey noticed really cool places to shoot and we had to immediately stop.

   This ivy covered factory provided the backdrop to this funky shot.

One such stop involved pulling a U-turn right in the middle of railroad tracks and about two meters from Lakeshore! But the less than safe U-ey was worth it.  She had noticed a bright pink wall that created the backdrop for some really stunning shots.

      This is one of the great shots we got by that pink wall.

We actually never made it to Cherry beach because of all these cool places we found along the way.  So we decided to head to the Brick Works as our final destination.  And there Drake had the time of his life running around in the mud and tall reeds.  He was happy as a clam.  And we were rolling around on the ground among the reeds too - though we got considerably less dirty than Drake!

                     A sweet shot of the two of us that Stacey took.

The whole experience was a blast!  As an actor I'm used to doing shoots where the focus is me and my headshot - the photographer and I have to deliver a product that can be used to sell me to Casting Directors.   This was so different.  The focus was not on me, but on finding some fun looking shots and just playing.  If you have anything upcoming that you'd like to celebrate or you just want to get some great shots of you and your family (whatever the make-up of said family may be) I highly recommend doing a shoot like this.  And more importantly, get Stacey to do the shots and you'll really have a great time - and a fantastic product to boot!

Side note: The blog format does not do the work justice - the pics look so much better than this program allows.  So stay tuned to the photo section of my website for a full gallery in the upcoming weeks.

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