Photo Shoot

  You remember Stacy Kinkaid who did my pregnancy shots right?  Well, she also came over and shot some fantastic photos of our newly expanded family.  It was her first time working with a baby, and it was our first time too :)  Audrey managed to cooperate quite well, except for her peeing, pooping and spitting up all over Stacey's cream colored blanket!  We had a great time posing for shots and the best thing is we came out in the end with some beautiful pics. 

As always, Stacey was phenomenal.  As I mentioned it was her first time working with a newborn, but she came in really prepared, having researched how to shoot babies.  She had a lot of ideas of things to try and we all had a great time doing it.  Further, she was really easygoing (as always).  Though we tried all sorts of things Stacey was really clear when something wasn't working or looking good.  So, though it was new to all of us Stacey still took charge and directed us all through this fun experience.  And she made us jealous because she was going up to a cottage right after!  Lucky! 

Check out more of our family pics on her website  under Portfolio and Families. And remember to book her for any of your shoots!

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