That's right folks.  I'm going to be in a zombie movie.  We're shooting next summer, and it's an indie production.  But how fitting is it for me to finally be in a zombie film?  Hopefully, I'll be able to also use some of my action skills in killing zombies!  I'm playing a woman trying to survive the zombie apocalypse - of course - and a lot of messed up stuff happens (naturally).

I can't wait to start shooting and I can't wait to see the effects.  Of course, as the shoot progresses you'll get updates via productions stills.  This post is just to wet your appetite for next summer.

But first up, I'm co-producing and acting in a short film that I'm hoping to shoot in February.  It's going to be great.  I've got a talented friend writing the script and co-producing it with me.  And it's sci-fi themed but very character driven.  Can't wait!

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