Photoshoot Tangents

Today I had a great art photoshoot with a talented photographer, Joshua MacDonald.  We shot at twilight and the whole thing was done in under an hour since we were light dependent.  I must say, it was a great on-the-fly, low-key shoot.  Since we shot in the parking lot of a popular mall we definitely got some attention!

I wore a black trench coat and, with my hair shoulder length, there were moments I felt like Dana Scully.  Oh, how I wanted my Mulder to pop out of somewhere...but I digress.  Afterwards, Josh pulled out his laptop and showed me some rough shots in the same series that my shoot was in and I am really excited to see tonight's the final products.  His other shots look amazing, and if mine are half a nice I'll be a lucky ducky. 

Now, back to me being Dana Scully...

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