Two Auditions...

Hey, so I had two auditions today...

Yeah, the first one was a bust.  I got in there and they asked me some questions, which isn't a big deal...except that they obviously thought I was much younger than I actually am, which is great....except that I threw them for a loop when I started answering.  It was kind of funny, but probably didn't help my chances at all

Second audition went much better.  I felt I nailed the scene how I wanted to play it.  And I felt I took direction well and incorporated what he said to change in my preformance.  We played with the scene basically.  But - and here I'm not being hard on myself or fishing for compliments -  when I came out I looked at the room for the first time and there were many stunning women in there.  Yeah, I felt underwhelming...and a little out of my league.  I left thinking, "Well, let's hope I'm a better actress then them."

Two productions meetings tomorrow and another audition in a few days...I'll keep you posted!

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  1. Awww I hope you get the second one! You're gorgeous and I'm sure you're way better than those other girls!