Vicious Kid Shoot : My Lonely Friend

I was up waaay too early, and this is coming from the mother of a baby.  But we had to load into a car and drive out to location in Peterborough.  I looked a nightmare having no make-up and just rolled out of bed, but somehow Heather, pictured left, managed to look fabulous despite the early morning.  I don't know how you do it!!  *Oh, and by the way, I want the romper you wore!!*
The lovely Rachel, lead singer, drove us out in the wee small hours of the morning.

"Home Base" - can you tell this is a Canadian shoot?

It was mighty chilly in the morning!  I managed to be okay since I had tights, and could wear my jacket for most of the morning.  And Heather had long pants and her sweater to don when she wasn't shooting.  But poor Rachel was wearing tiny short shorts and a tank top and she was goose-bumpy all over.  That's okay though.  She looked hawt!!
See?  Hawt, right?

A true Canadian girl at heart:  rockin' car and a Timmie's cup.
The weather warmed up and it was time for Heather's moment in the spotlight.
Mariana, the Director, and Justin, the DOP, setting up a shot.
One hilarious thing. Heather came prepared for shooting out in a field:  she brought wipes in case we had to use nature's bathroom - the bushes.  Hilarious!  She thought of everything!

Rachel finally got to relax and bask in the warm sun!
Camera set up on the back of a truck.

We did a lot of great shooting while us girls were in the Centurion and the camera did a variety of passes while mounted on another truck.  Also, there were times when the camera was mounted on our car hood or door.  It was really cool to see the way the rig is set up and how it all works.

Me chillin' in costume.

One of these doll heads looked eerily like the Olsen twins.  It was tres creepy!

And that's a wrap on the car.

Driving in the Centurion was so cool and so much fun.  All of us were sad to see the car go.  Next week, we're out in another location shooting some individual scenes and then shooting the band rock out.   Can't wait!

Make sure you check out Vicious Kid to hear their songs. Rachel's got an awesome set of pipes on her!

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