BevMo Spot

I was on set yesterday for a BevMo commercial, and it was a great time!  Everyone was so nice and eager to do a great job, and the commercial concept as well as acting it out was so much fun.  It was a chance to be silly, cute and weird and I haven't gotten the chance to do a lot of comedy.  It's actually something that I'm a little sad about because I love comedy and I think I'm pretty good at it; I just keep getting cast for serious pieces.  Anyway, Not only was set great but I actually had a trailer to hang out in!  Oh yeah!  That's right! 

I think I'm going to start demanding trailers on all my sets!  And catering!  That was incredible too.  delicious food all day long, starting with bacon, eggs and gluten-free bread.  Can I do this everyday? 

p.s. it wasn't the right place to lug my DSLR along, but I did manage to nab a few phones shots *above*

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