It Just Doesn't Get Any Better

Sometimes things are slow and silent and sometimes there are weeks like this. 

I've booked one lead in a comedy web series which I can't tell you how excited I am about.  I haven't done a good comedy in a long while and I've been itching to use my funny bone.  All that time spent at Second City has to come to some good.  Who knew I was funny! Personally, I think it was my rambling about BSG  - "bitch stole my ride" - and Twilight Imperium  - if you don't know, don't ask - that sealed the deal. 

Then I had an amazing audition.  It was for another show and I was playing a sexual torture victim.  I did the audition and afterwards the director came to sit down beside me, looked at me really intensely and sincerely said, "Wow, thank you for sharing that.  Thank you for doing that."  Even if I don't get the role, I know he'll remember me.  And frankly, I kicked ass!

And now, I just got some fan mail via hearsay.  That sounds very convoluted but I swear it's not.  Basically, someone went out of their way to say how much they liked me in "Recidivist" and how they played that scene over and over.  How charming!

And finally, a short of mine is screening at the TIFF Lightbox next week.  I get to dress up and go to a premiere with me as a lead.

Honestly,  some weeks are so incredible you don't want to pinch yourself just in case you wake up!


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  2. I'm super impressed. I shall have to check out a movie that you are in. Have fun at the premiere, it sounds so glamourous. :)

    xo Tami

  3. Cool! I love your blog.