Posthuman Episode 1 Shoot

Among the many projects that have kept me busy in the last few weeks, was Sunday's shoot of the new premiere episode of Posthuman.  Already filmed was the subway scene with me, so Sunday morning we started on a post fire-fight scene between Dorothy Ascher and one of her first lieutenants - the scene is a glimpse of a wonderful actor, Neil Bennett, who will hopefully be back in Season 2.  I know, spoiler alert!  Actually, I think it's more of a teaser.

Then the afternoon was spent inside the studios filming the first and introductory scene of the episode where Dorothy Ascher, played by Karen Scobie, is being interviewed by a Capitol City news anchor, played by Mike Estes.

The day went fabulously smooth and we were blessed with a talented set of folks and an efficient and streamlined filming process thanks to Lyndon Horsfall.

A special thanks goes out to Christopher Mott who volunteered to do double duty as boom operator and actor, and Miles Ringsred, who so patiently lay on the gravel facedown while we shot take after take of the scene from various angles!

Posthuman premieres on the SFN network in June, so stay tuned for details!

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