Swing Rehearsals Results In Short Films

I shot a feature film a long while back, and as part of the process we had improv rehearsals to develop our skills and characters.  Each rehearsal brought out a unique aspect.   From those rehearsals our director has begun to cut little short films.  Fully improvised. Eeek!

Here's one in which I'm in:


  1. Wow, it is such a small world! I found your fashion blog over on Style Elixir's link up, found this one (because I wanted to know more about your acting) and then noticed that my friend from university (and theatre!) is in the intro to this video. Sometimes, the world really feels so small! Great improv by the way, really enjoyed watching this!

  2. Totally small world! That's great. And thank you. I'm still fairly new to the world of improv but I love it.