Synchronicity Fundraiser

On June 18th in support of the feature film Synchronicity which I'm producing and starring in, the Winchester Bar & Kitchen opened it's doors for a night of stand up comedy.  I had worked on this fundraiser very hard, spending many hours hunched over my computer organizing, email, and otherwise willing this into existence.

The line up was amazing.  It featured Michelle Doyle,Maddox Campbell, Jeff Clark, Megan Fahlenblock, Simon Rakoff, Shelley Kidwell, Max Magas, Rene Payes, Diana Bailey,  and Elvira Kurt.  Hosted by Monica Mustelier, the night was a great success as everyone laughed and laughed.  They also took home some great raffle prizes including a dance package courtesy of the Joy of Dance Centre in Toronto.  

Thank you everyone, and stay tuned for updates as we head into production

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