Synchronicity shoots

Shooting Begins!

One awesome location was a comic book store in Waterloo.

Our Dop, thinking and taking a quick caffeine shot.

Lots of giggles and laughs on set.
We shot the first block of Synchronicity last week.  It was a shaky start - weather was against us, and there were many locations set quite far apart.  There were a few production issues, and of course we started running behind, yadda yadda yadda.   All these are normal challenges on a production.  But what's great is we all learned quickly how to work together, and who has what strengths.   So the next two blocks - both slated to take place in September - should go a lot more smoothly. 

Also, we won't be driving for hours and hours to locations.  The next shoots are all fairly close to home with travel time being minimal. So not only will time be on our side, but most importantly that this family has figured each other out.  It's amazing the dedication to this film as everyone, despite being tired, and frustrated (like I said weather hit us hard) we all came together really amazingly.  There's a great bunch of folks on this here cast and crew.  We've got our groove.   And we're makin' a movie!

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