Updates and A Comedy

Me and three members of the cast of "A Very Long Weekend" prepping for a scene.
Over the past few months, I've had the unadulterated joy to have been in class a lot.  I've taken some dialects classes and some really great intensives on top of my regular weekly actor's workout class.  It's been sheer joy.

I've also recently made the jump to a new and fabulous agent, Sam Woodruff from Butler Ruston Bell.  So exciting.

And to top off this joy, I recently spent three days at a cottage up north working hard on a short film shoot.  When I say working hard I do mean it.  As the lead, I'm in every single scene, so I was on set from the moment we started to the moment we finished.  But you know what?  It was absolutely wonderful, as the rest of the cast is incredible and so much fun to work off of.  They gave everything at every moment which of course made it all super easy for me.

And guess what guys?  It's a comedy!  A dark comedy, but a comedy nonetheless. I'm sort of funny...sometimes.  Right?


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