Canada's Wonderland

Yesterday was a beautiful day, and me and a bunch of friends spent the day at Canada's Wonderland.  Now I haven't gone on a ride since I was 17 and my safety popped up on the DragonFire - hence I have no faith in the safety of the mechanism.  So, I brought a book and camera and got some great shots.

Great action shot from the beginning of the day.

Followed by the boys on a roller coaster.

 And I was so proud that Laura, Rob and Sara had the courage to go on the SkyFlyer. You Rock!

My personal proudest moment was when I went on the Vortex.  I nearly had a panic attack in line, while sitting down in the car, while putting on my restraint, and on the way up - did I mention I was scared? -  but I'm also glad that I did it; so, maybe next time I'll be able to do more.

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