I have found my new dirty little secret tv show and I'm sharing it all with you.  The Beautiful Life  (TBL) is a CW drama that looks inside the glamorous life of NYC models.  It shows the world that models lead a really tough life.  (Side bar!  If the tough life is wearing a Versace dress to a party hosted by Elle MacPherson then sign me up!!) Mischa Barton stars as the deep, mysterious, and tortured has been model trying to get back in the game.  (Side bar!...do you really need me to explain?  Just pause to ponder one moment).  It even features a model/drug dealer being busted by an undercover cop.  Love the cliche!  So, despite this premise I am completely addicted.  I know, I should sit in my corner of shame.  And I will, until the next episode. 

The lead, Sara Paxton, is completely adorable and sweet and you don't want her to get sucked into the dirty world of the modelling business.  But really it feeds right into that secret part of my wish fullfilment which wants to be 5'11", slim, and totally gorgeous...and a stunning model wearing beautiful clothes.  So yeah, I'm hooked. And I can't wait to find out what other dirty, unglamorous things will happen to these beautiful people - maybe a poolside trip to the Hamptons? Life is hard.  Watch the Beautiful Life.

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