The Lond Weekend Haul

   This long weekend I had a back to back to back stretch at Movieola.   The first night I worked with Adam and we had a great time.  He made fun of me on air about my continuing celebrity crush on Joshua Jackson.  And later, during our dinner break I met his lovely wife.  She's got a film in TIFF and we'll be interviewing her on Thursday evening so check it out! The night was rather dramatic in terms of films - there were quite a few documentaries and some rather dark animation, but we provided the comic least I hope we did.

     Adam looking none too pleased that I was taking a picture of him. 

   The following evening I worked with Peder and that was an ordeal in itself  - not working with Peder just the beginning of ths shift - as we didn't have our notes printed and neither of us knew how and where to do that.  We muddled through most of it and then had to call Matt, our producer, on his day off to walk us throught the rest.  But I've learned how to do it now and from now on I'll be a note printing machine!

   The theme for the night seemed to be home invasion and thievery as most of the films had some element of that.  We watched an awesome series called the Prof Nieto Show about animal experiements.  Just to give you a taste, he researched the sex lives of rabbits and I had no idea they were into S&M.  We also aired Passion of Spies which was an awesome Russsian animation about spies.  The film was vetted by the KGB and the only thing that saved it was a high ranking General who thought it made his job look glamorous.  Peder and I both really enjoyed it.  And then we had one of Peder's all time favorites, Dog Lovers, about two pet owners and the innapropriate things they say about their dogs.  It's funny, but I found it quite shocking.   We finished off the night with two of Bill Plympton's films from the Oscar nominated Dog Series.  These are some of my favorite films!  They're so sweet and clever and really well done.

 Some of the wonderful people that work master control.  They are always busy but always fabulous!

The last evening I worked with Rebecca.  I'd never worked with her before and it was awesome.  We had a comedy themed night - three comedy shows in fact.   One animated film called Fog was absolutely visually stunning!  The Cinema of the world spotlight was Mexico, and though I've never been there I can say that the films I saw were both funny and touching.  One of my favorite films of the night was Swimming Lessons.  It's about a little girl who has a swimming test, and it shows all the gross stuff about public pools.  And the little girl in it was great - she didn't over do her facial expressions, but instead was right on the mark.

And of course we had a Far Out sci-fi show.  My favorite, because I absolutely love all things sci-fi and paranormal.  I own many such tv shows - Star Terk, BSG, Buffy, Firefly, X-files, etc.  Yes, I am the resident geek.  We topped off the night with a terrifying zombie film called Hungry.  I loved it! It was non-stop tension from moment one.  To see some of these films and many others go to or click on the link from my Contact page.

 Me and Rebecca doing our thing.

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