Shooting Lazarus

Last thursday I shot a short film called Lazarus.  It was shot outside at St.James cemetery on a relatively warm day.  The cast and crew were great to work with and so much fun.  And the director, Rodrigo Barriuso, was very good at letting us know exactly what he wanted.  It was nice to work with someone who knew exactly how they wanted things to play out and could communicate that to his actors.  I play Lauren; she's the girlfriend of a man,Martin, who lost his mother about a year ago and can't seem to move on.  My character has been supportive throughout, but has now had enough of hearing the same conversation over and over again.  And in the film she realizes that he's already checked out of the relationship, so why should she stay?

Lauren (me) and Martin (Paul).

Prepping a makeshift dolly shot where the camera is in front of us while we walk forward.

A squirrel made away with half my sub when no one was looking.

Check back in the next few days under Photos to see more productions stills from Lazarus.

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