First Audition

So I went on my first audition since having the baby.  I had earlier gone for an audition to be a spokesperson, but that was really more of an interview.  This was the first one where I had to read a scene with someone. 

So I walk into the room to meet the guys making it, and I realize they're children.  They're probably only 20 years AT MOST.  And here I am hitting the later part of...well you don't need to know.  Anyway, I started chatting to them and it was clear from the way they addressed me that they thought I was around their age, probably in my early 20s.  Thank You for that by the way. Anyway, they were asking me what I have done recently, etc.  I thought of little things I have done in the recent past, and talked about that a lot.  But I just knew that if I said, "I had a baby" I would scare the life out of them.  So, the entire time I held an internal smirk at the image I was projecting versus the reality that would totally shock them. 

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