So recently at an audition I was yet again asked how I feel about nudity - specifically my nudity on film.  I have to say that when I was younger I was adamantly opposed to it.  Which if you think about it is funny since that's probably when my figure looked the best.  But now that I've gotten older (and maybe a little wiser?)  I seem to have less and less problems with it.

It's my body true, but it's just my body.  It's not my soul or my heart or anything else.  Plus, I have less hang ups about my body than I did when I was younger.  I no longer care about any mole, or imperfection of the thigh that someone might see.

A lot of the changes happened recently after having my baby.  My figure is pretty much back to what it was - with slight differences that only  I would notice.  I don't know why that would be.  But the fear/worry about nudity on film just doesn't seem that big a concern to me.  Maybe it's because now that I have a daughter I'm freaked out about her safety all the time, and there's only so much freak to go around.

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