A Small Incesuous Little World

 If you're an artist in Toronto, you know that we all know each other.  Well, no not really.  But it is small enough that very often you know of someone else.  Or this person worked with this other person that you know,etc.  Well, I had recently applied for an audition and the guy from it called me.  Turns out that we worked together on a scene in one movie, and I'm friends with someone else that he worked with.  So, yeah it's a small world this art community.
I couldn't go to the audition because I don't have baby coverage, and I'm signed up for a First Aid and CPR course certification that day. We're going to reschedule and hopefully that'll work out.  But it was nice to get the call and to talk to him in person.  Maybe the next time we talk we'll schedul a time for me to audition wher Daddy can cover the baby.

How big is your (financial, business, music, etc) world?

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