Work In Progress

I know I haven't written in well, forever...but it's been kind of slow.  You know I've left my agent, but I haven't actually felt the desire to find a new one yet.  Still looking.  And I'm still open to suggestions in that respect.  You know any good ones? 

First off, I did a music video for a band called Major Grey this past Sunday.  It was a one day shoot and I managed to snag a couple of shots for you.

Here's the band setting up.

And here's the guy who does lead vocals and lead guitar.

Secondly, I'm working on a web series and I'm kind of excited about the character.  Finally, I get to play someone who's not squeeky clean.  I'm not the ingenue, nor the girl next door, I'm...well I don't want to give it away.  I'll post some pics of production when I start shooting ('cause you know I just have to bring my camera to set), and I'll also tell you what show I'm working one soon.

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