X-Mas Dinner

A random pic of Olivia - just 'cause I can
Movieola's X-mas dinner was last night.  And boy was it delicious! It was so great to have everyone around the same table.  We don't often get to see each other all together so it was definitely a treat.  Amanda and I shared a Chocolate Truffle cake that was absoluetly yummy!  We probably could've had one each, but well we didn't want to seem greedy.  And it's probably better for our health to split too.  I had to leave early (baby and all - I only managed a few hours reprieve) but it was still wonderful to see everyone and hang out.  Merry Christmas to everyone!!


  1. Oh! Thanks? Haha at least you got my good side ;P

  2. chocolate truffle cake sounds soooo good right now!

  3. hi! :) I'm a new follower! :) return the favor? :D

    hope to be friends!

    love, polly