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I'm shooting cast and crew interviews today for Posthuman. Come rain or shine, we're doing it!  And then we're all going out for a dinner together.  It's great to hang out with these people.  They're all so diverse and talented.  Plus, it's kind of nice to chill with them so they know who I am before my character starts messing with all of their heads!

Lyndon (the director) asked me to do the interviews since that's kind of what I do for a living right now, but the funny thing is that in my mind it's just asking questions and talking to people.  That's the weird thing about my job - it doesn't feel like a skill to me.  I originally auditioned for the position, went to the callback, then started the gig.  And I know - because I've seen it - that not everyone can talk into a camera naturally and carry on a conversation with someone who's not there, etc. *side note: does the fact that I can carry on a conversation with people who aren't there mean I'm crazy???* ...basically not everyone can host.  I guess I can, but it doesn't feel like I have a skill others do not.  I'm constantly sure they'll discover that I'm a fraud 'cause I'm really not doing anything other than talking into a camera and anyone can do that.  It's really the same conversation I would have with you to your face...just into a big black thing.  Do any of you have that?  Do dancers feel like they do something that everyone can do?  Do computer programmers not understand how people can't understand? 

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