More Of The Posthuman Shoot

Me as "Dorothy Ascher"

I told you I shot an episode and another partial episode of Posthuman last Sunday.  There was a talented photographer on set, Dave, and he took some really amazing shots as you can tell!  Check out his site, it's seriously stellar!  Oh and keep an eye out for his cameo as a skeezy guy trying to pick Gina up.  Dave, you did too well of a job!! 

The above shots are from a later episode, so I can't really tell you anything about it!  No spoilers here.  You're just gonna have to wait and watch the show to find out what happens.  All I will say, is that it's so awesome and sooooo much fun to play!

Now for a little bit of love...

Jason as "Porter"
Jason is such a wonderful person to work with. He's a very giving actor.   What I mean is that he really engages and listens.  He doesn't look like he's just waiting for you to stop talking so that he can say his lines.You'd think it would be acting 101 for a person to listen and be focused on the scene, but alas, I've come across many people who really are so wrapped up in themselves that they are not aware of what's happening in the scene and with their scene-mates.  I feel so bad that both 'Gina' and 'Dorothy' put him through the wringer...well, maybe not that is good storytelling after all.

Sara as "Gina"

I didn't really get a chance to act with Sara, other than giving her cut-eye *which was fun - hee,hee*.  But I look forward to working with her in some awesome scenes we have later in the show.  She's a joy to have on set:  so full of energy, and always on the ball.  It makes the set an easy place to be.  Oooh, and I can tell you that we have some really great scenes together.

Am I teasing you too much???
Too bad.

Lyndon our writer/director.
Lyndon's a great person to have in charge of something, like a show.  He's got a clear vision of what he wants, but he's so open to input and collaboration that you don't feel like the words on the page are scripture.  He's willing to listen and answer all your questions...which is wonderful.

He's actually too giving with the information!  I'd ask him what's next and he'd tell me the reasoning and planning of the each and every shot he was going to do.  I had to stop him several times and say, "Actor brain can't hold all that information.  Just tell me what I have to do next."  All that info is great, normally, but when acting I'm focused on the role I have to play, so I just need to know the next shot coming up.  Otherwise, my brain gets all overwhelmed.

After a wardrobe change, I got to play a different side of 'Dorothy':

This is the character you'll see in episode 3, though very briefly,  if you blink, you'll miss me!  So no blinking!!

If you've ever worked with me on-set, you know I'm the ultimate professional:

And that's a wrap!  Stay tuned to Posthuman, 'cause epsiode 3 will be up soon!  And make sure to check out Dave at

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  1. Wow! Great photos! Fun commentary too. You really captured the atmosphere of the shoot, Jo. It was so great acting opposite you, and then when you stepped behind the camera in Episode III, you kept things fun between shots, too, being the consummate proffessional you are. Go Team PH!