Shooting Posthuman Episode 3 and 11

Last night I trekked over to Waterloo, Ontario to hang out in a bar on Sunday morning.  No, I don't have a drinking problem.  I was there to shoot episode three of Posthuman and also a scene from episode eleven.  Episode three is a great little stand-alone story about how two of the main characters, Gina and Porter, meet.   It's fun and flirty.  My scene in it is a brief little cameo that teases the character and gives you a glimpse into her story.  It's about one second of air time. 

Jason as 'Porter'

Sara as 'Gina'.

We also shot a scene from a much later episode that occurs in the same location.  That's the thing about shooting shows, films, etc.  When you have a location booked for a set time you shoot everything you have to shoot there because who knows if you'll ever get it again.  So, we shot the scene where my character, Dorothy, meets Porter.
Lyndon directing.
It was a little awkward for me and I had a lot of nervous energy.  Why?  Because it's all about me being sexy and 'come hither'...and that is so not me!  I am not the sexy femme fatale, and trying to convincingly play that to a man and infront of a camera took major guts for me.  I kept thinking that someone would interrupt and say, "Oh come on! Who are you kidding?"  It was fun, don't get me wrong, just...well...weird. 

Obviously, I don't have any shots of that since I was acting in the scene, but there was a talented photography there *who also did a little cameo in episode three* and he took tons of fun shots that I'll get later *about a week*.  I'll post those as soon as I can to show you the hilarity that was me.

But here's a few fun little things from the shoot:

Don't you just love the stuff you find in a bar bathroom?
Shooting episode eleven got interrupted due to Parade.  No, I'm not joking!

The alcohol in the shoot was iced tea....we all had to pee a lot!  And when we did we got to see 'sexy' stuff!
Here I am snap happy during the filming of episode three.
 Oh, and here's the best part:  The bar was closed and only open to us for filming right?  But a bar always smells like a bar, so we had the door propped open to get some fresh air into the place.  And while filming the scene for episode eleven, in the middle of the serious and seductive scene, an elderly gentleman walks right into the bar, up to the fake bartender, and starts to order.  I guess he didn't notice the camera!

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