Photography Workshop

I went to a photography workshop today.  And though the workshop was really basic it actually helped me quite a bit.  I've been taking photos since I was six, but I've never had any formal training.  And further I took shots on an SLR, the DSLRs are a little foreign to me in that I don't know how the dials work and exactly what they do, etc. etc.  So it was great to have someone walk me through the various settings and buttons on my camera and explain exactly the effect it has on my shots. 

Brilliant teacher and photographer!  This is who I want to be.  Well, not exactly, he's very tall, male, bearded, and Scottish.  I'm happy being average, female, un-bearded, and well, I'd be happy with the accent....but I digress, it's his talent I want.  Seriously,  check him out!

Anyway, I played around with the camera  *and then afterwards with photoshop* 

Playing with depth of field.

Playing with lighting.
Shot from the fourth story looking down.
Shot I took in the streetcar on the way home.


  1. Looks like the workshop went well. I love that shot of the ceiling. The steel girders and skylights are exactly the kind of architectural touches I love.

  2. Thanks! But that's actually not a ceiling. It's me looking straight down four floors. cool, eh?