Posthuman Episode V Shoot

I shot episode five of Posthuman today.  Things went extremely well.  The weather was not too hot and not too cold, and completely overcast *this is a good thing when you're shooting outside*  Other than the nagging tickle in my throat that makes me cough like a 40 year chain smoker the day went off without a hitch! 

Our stunning set.
Shot of me when I first got to set.

We all prepare in different ways....

Time to shoot!

"Gina" and "Gibson"

Lyndon, our director, explaining the next shot.
Lyndon taking a moment to speak with Sara.
Takin' "five."

I love working with this crew! This is the episode where I make my big entrance.  Are you excited?  I know you are!  Stay tuned 'cause it's going to be up soon!

Quote of the day:  
"If anything shits on me, I'm going to kill it" - Lyndon.

*Most of the photos were taken by Jason who plays 'Porter' and then I played with them in Photoshop.  Thanks Jason for being our production still photographer!*

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