A Posthuman Dinner

Will *Gibson* and Jason *Porter*

Sara *Gina*

 *Anil - the amazing crewman extraodinaire - and Lyndon - our intrepid director and write were being truant, or parking or something like that* 

On Sunday, not only did I get a day out to myself *how glorious* but I also got to spend a wonderful dinner with the fabulous people I work with on the web series "Posthuman."  We first did some interviews for behind-the-scenes features, and hopefully you'll get a glimpse of those soon.  But then we headed over to a gourmet burger joint to bond over some good eatin'.  And bond we did.  We spent soooo much time talking and chatting and laughing, it was wonderful!

And guess what?  The third episode "The Past" and a mini-episode "The Voice"  are up!  You need to check them out!  "The Voice" will tell you a bit more about my character - Dorothy Ascher - and "The Past" will give you my tiny cameo before my grand entrance in episode five. I'm really excited about where this series will go.  There's so much juicy stuff in store for these characters.  You'll have to stay tuned!

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