Awesome People: Evan and Fratwurst

I met Evan Arppe (he's the guy on the right) working at Movieola.  He was one of the wonderful VJs that I got to work with. He's always helpful, respectful and hardworking.  But just as importantly, he's really funny.  He does stand-up comedy and sketch all around Toronto, and he's also part of a group of funny guys called Fratwurst.  Check out their Youtube channel here.   The stuff on there is a bit older, but it gives you an idea fo what they're like and what they're up to. 

So if you're around Toronto at all this November make sure you check out their Cream of Comedy show on Nov. 7th as part of the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund.  And check out Evan hosting Metro 14 starting Nov. 1st! 

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