So Much For Slowing Down!

Did you know that two pieces of work I'm involved in have become finalists in the Grand River Film Festival?  No?  Well, now you do.  It's always great to have your work recognized!  And I can't wait to win.  *I'm being hopeful here*

This morning I had an really great meeting with a very talented woman.  She helped me brainstorm some ways of marketing myself.  But more importantly, we had a lot of laughs!  Seriously, at one point we were laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. 

And I told myself that I would slow down and focus on getting a new agent...but bollocks to that!  I'm doing another shoot on Thursday, and planning another one for the next week.  Plus, I'm going to a Posthuman rehearsal today to document and get some materials.  Hopefully, I'll be airing some great footage on TV soon!  I'll keep you updated on that too. 

So much for slowing down. 

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