Posthuman Rehearsal: Bunions, Great Directors, and Joni Mitchell

I went to the rehearsal for episode 7 of Posthuman yesterday.  I'm not in this episode, though of course the characters still spend some time talking about me *my character, Dorothy Ascher, that is.  Yes I'm that important...ahem, ahem* I went because the relationship that my character and these two character have is important, and I thought it would really help my scenes to know exactly what the thought process and what the result of this scene was.   Plus, I just love this crew so any chance to hang with them is always great.

Since I wasn't in the scene, I could really sit back and reflect on a lot of things.  And first off, I had this moment when I was listening to Lyndon explain something where I was completely amazed that I get to work with him.

*warning: kind of a ridiculous creative love fest about to occur* 

He is truly one of the best, if not the best, director I've had the chance to work with as an actor.  He is an actor's director.  Maybe it's because he's a psychology major, or maybe it's just his understanding of human emotion, but he always explains exactly what the character is going through.  And he always brings out all those thoughts the actor has about the character but doesn't know how to voice.  It really is fantastic, as an actor, to work with a person who helps us create these totally whole and three dimensional individuals.  I've never really had to chance to really notice it until I wasn't one of the people he was working with.  when you're in it, you're focusing on the scene and the character, but because I was free of that I could see him doing this with Sara and Jason.  They're both incredibly talented actors, and they have such great instinctual understanding of their characters, but like myself I think they sometimes don't know how to bring to the surface, into awareness, exactly what's happening in the brain, but I saw how the three of them created a full and rich texture for the scene, and a very intimate moment for two characters. 

Can't wait until it's my turn again!

An intimate moment between 'Gina' and 'Porter'

Lyndon demonstrating to Sara what he wants her to do....Jason slightly worried.

Some random things that happened:  serious discussions about Sara's underwear *you'll see what I mean when you see the episode*, Jason's inconvenient placement of the grapes, along with the contemplation of whether Gina has painted toenails or not, Lyndon's love of Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You",  and the "no bunions on camera" clause in Sara's *faux* contract.


  1. this is so cool i get a view from behind the scenes! and the last picture is funny.