Rehearsal and First Day of Shooting "Writer's Room."

I'm shooting a short film right now. It's called "Writer's Room" and it features two characters you may be familiar with - F.Scott Fitzgerald, and another famous writer who shall not be named.  I'm playing the lead - a scientist who through has her genius and humanity tested.  Here's a few shots from the rehearsal.

Neil is really good at being cold and creepy.

From left: 1st AD Joanna, "J.D", "Dr. Ackely", and "Fitzgerald."

Today we had the first day of shooting.  It was a short day because of scheduling issues, but it was a productive day and a fabulous start.

Me in costume as "Dr. Martha MacTagger."

"Martha" and "Fitzgerald."

Setting up a shot on the Red Cam with "Fitzgerald."

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