"Writer's Room" Day 2&3

I finished shooting "Writer's Room" today.  Things went really well.  We were on a One-Take roll until we got to some very complicated scenes.  But first, let me tell you about the sparks, fire and other pyrotechnics that happened the second day.
"Dr.Ackley" getting his make-up done.

The DOP and awesome camera crew setting up for hand-helds.
Sparks are supposed to fly out of a chest plate and let me say that a fire was nearly started several times.  Yeah. Not so good. But it looked cool, so that was good.

Then the last we had some crazy shots to film.  In one shot "Fitzgerald" completely trashes a room from head to toe *if a room had a head and toes*  Then there was shot of breaking a pane of glass with a chair.  *Don't worry, it was breakaway glass*  It was nuts, but awesome to watch.  I can't wait to see the finished product, and share it with you guys of course.

The breakaway glass being prepped.

Set-up and go!

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