A Recent Audition

When time came to go to a recent audition, I decided to stop stressing over what to wear and how I look and just went as me.  It's also the audition I took my boot off in the middle off.  And "impressed" the auditioners.

Yup, it was a comedy audition.  A fun scene where my character is a bit tipsy and not exactly at their best.  It was fun and quirky, and I was really excited to have a chance to showcase that as opposed to all the dramatic roles I've been cast in.

And yes, I took my boot off.  Just one.  And finished the scene waving it around wildly.  I felt good about my performance and about the role.  The feedback was wonderful, and I was told they wanted to cast me.

Unfortunately, technicalities got in the way and the role went to someone else.  But hopefully, I made an impression and there's something else just waiting for me.

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