Homestead Theatre Project's "Empty Boxes"

Empty Boxes, written by AJ Laflamme, asks, how you divide and pack two lives that are going in different directions?  It's a play that explores the role of apathy in a relationship.  We watch as two lives intertwine and then untangle to go their separate ways .

The first thing that needs to be said about Empty Boxes is that the show is delightful.  It speaks to anyone who's been in a modern relationship, and to anyone who's lived with someone for an extended period of time.   It explores some very real issues that arise and not some melodramatic unbelievable situation that could only be found in a soap opera.  That's the appeal of Empty Boxes: it's grounded in real issues between two people.

 At times, the show struggles with being a touch heavy handed in it's metaphor and the dialogue gets a bit confusing in it's attempt to be quick and witty.  This usually only happens when the two couples - both past and present - are all on stage and speaking together in a series of one liners.  But the charm and joy of the show carry you through these moments easily.  The real golden moments happen when the couples are in their separate times and separate moments alone on stage.

The cast is solid.  Each one has moments that could use strengthening and each one has moments that win the audience over.   The point is that no one takes you out of the story, and everyone works together in a real sense of ensemble.  The result is a cast that supports one another.

Going back to the first, and perhaps main, point now, the show is delightful.  Worth your time and money.  Go see it and tell me what you think.

Playing at RED Castle Theatre, 922 Queen St. E, Toronto.  For tickets and show times please visit the Empty Boxes website.

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