Backlash Shoot

Michael James Regan pushing me towards my death landing zone.
I was on the set of an action/thriller Actra co-op film for a few days.  The film involves a lot of action and fight scenes, and there were a ton of talented stunt actors on set.  I was lucky enough to work with, Neil Davison, on one particular stunt myself.

Neil is an amazing stunt co-ordinator, and he has some mad skills!  But more than that he is an incredibly patient teacher, and has a very calming energy around him.  Honestly, the best comparison I can draw is to say he's like Obi Wan Kenobi.  He prepped me for a fall to my death into a pile of boxes. 

The days were long.  It was draining not just physically (three 14-17 hour days - that part is normal -  and lots of physical work) but also in that I was supposed to be fighting for my life in a lot of the scenes.  So the emotional status was taxing as well.  But it was so much fun to actually get a bit more physical in a role.

The two actors stunt actors I worked with most were Serje Basi and Jonny Caines.  Jonny played the loving boyfriend who tries to save me when Serje's character captures me at knife point.  Working with Serje, who's character assaults me, yanks me around by the hair, and slams my head into the floor, was amazing.  He knows his stunt and fight work so well, that I easily trusted him and could just let go and play.  Jonny was great to work with from my perspective in that he's very concerned that everyone is safe, and feels good about what they're doing.  Plus, to see these two guys fight (over me - oh yeah!) was amazing. Can't wait to show you all the scenes.

Left to right: Blood test for my fall, falling to my death, action being shot, me dead on the ground.

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