Shooting in Hamilton

Last night Peder Myrh and I went to Hamilton to shoot "Movieola Shorts" for CHCH.  Driving to Hamilton in last nights Snow Storm was not a pleasant thing to try.  It was crowded on the roads and the conditions weren't great.  But once on the highway, the roads were surprising clear.  To pass the time in the stop and go traffic, our Producer, Matt, and Peder embarked on a long (LONG) discussion about Metal music.  Both being fans of the genre they knew a lot on the subject - every little nook and cranny of the genre has been explored by these two.  Listening in the car, I recieved an impromtu, and unintentional, in-depth lecture on the subject.  No, it doesn't make me want to purchase any Metal albums, but it certainly gives me a new appreciation for the genre.

Upon arrival we were greeted with dinner.  Mmmm...dinner.  I like my food.  And for some reason I was starving when we got there.  I ate probably more than one woman should...but meh...when a girls gotta eat, a girls gotta eat.  After a dessert of a chocolate chip cookie I jumped in the make-up chair.

Natalie Sexton Suffoletta who did our make-up for our publicity shots brought along her lovely sister (Kathryn Suffoletta, pictured above) to assist in doing our hair and make-up.  Yes, it does take at least 2 people to get me fit for public viewing.

Once finished Peder and I jumped on set and starting shooting the first show - Dramas.

Natalie doing a touch-up.

And yet another...yes I need a lot of them.

The first one didn't go as smoothly as we wanted it to go.  It was my first time in the studio and working with an ear piece.  And the whole thing through me for a loop for a bit.  Especially hearing Matt's voice in my head through the earpiece!  It sounded like he was standing two millimeters from me - personal space please!

Prepping to shoot Comedy

After a two minute rehearsal, it's GO time!

Once we went through a quick wardrobe and make-up change we jumped right into Comedy.  And by now, I had acclimated to the whole process and things went much more smoothly.  We started plowing through the segments and having a good time with it too.

Peder and I were working hard.  The ladies?  Not so much!  They had a great time watching us flub our lines.  And I'm not sure what they were up to exactly but it sure looks like a blast!

Before we knew it, it was time for one last wardrobe change and the last show of the night - Documentaries.  Under the gun, we managed to turn out all the necessary segments with a minute to spare.  That's a wrap!  We headed home on an empty highway, and I jumped into bed.

Tune in to CHCH on Saturdays at 7pm in January to see the fruits of our labors!

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